This monitor screensaver from Cedars Sinai outlines how to “enhance hospital flow”

Compassion in UX: A hospital case study

Entering the hospital flow as a first-time user

These pamphlet pages document helpful surgery tips and what to expect when entering or leaving the hospital.

Crafting a strong feedback loop

Navigating hospital flows

This monitor screensaver states “Your words and behavior matter.” The full quote is in the paragraph below.
This monitor screensaver states “We no longer refer to the Pro Tower at the medical center. When giving directions, please refer only to North Tower and South Tower.”
This monitor screensaver provides an update on a new feature in the Cedars-Sinai app: you can now get turn-by-turn walking directions across the entire medical center.
These first screen notes a new, simplified antibiotic ordering system for hospital staff. The second screen notes which items to dispose of when a patient is being discharged.

Words and behavior matter

This text from the Cedars-Sinai website notes: “We realize spending time with your loved one is important to the healing process. …Your emotional support is not only welcomed, it’s deeply encouraged.