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How could AI impact UX writing? Q&A with Bobbie Wood

What has been your experience using artificial intelligence tools like Sudowrite or CopyAI? How would you describe the benefits to a newbie?

What can’t AI do that only a human can contribute?

The founder of Sudowrite compares writers using these tools to how designers or artists can now use Photoshop or Procreate to automate their creative processes. Do you agree with this perspective?

How do you predict AI impacting the industry? Will it augment the work of a UX writer? Should we be worried about AI replacing human jobs?

Thoughts on how translation and localization come into play here? Have you explored using the tools in multiple language instances?

What about implications for content research and testing?

How do you picture AI becoming embedded into the content design process/workflows? Are the days of copy jams and group brainstorming over?

Would you be willing to share a sample of something you’ve written with an AI copywriting tool? How has it helped your creative process?

Who “owns” the most powerful AIs and who has access to them?