Landing a job in UX is hard

by Nick Harris and Harry Oaten

Five lessons Nick learned during his career transition

1. Don’t underestimate the power of your soft skills.

2. Have a plan of action.

3. There is no guaranteed job waiting for you.

4. The real work begins AFTER you pass your course.

5. You’ll feel like a rookie for quite some time.

So where do you go from here?

Six lessons Harry learned during the job search

1. Certificates may get you more interviews but may not be enough to get you the job

  • The Professional Diploma in UX Design with the superlative UX Design Institute
  • The Professional UX Writing Certificate with the awesome UX Writers Collective
  • The Introduction to Web Accessibility with the fantastic W3C

2. Case studies from courses may not be enough to land the job

3. If your past work experience isn’t within a UX team, it might not count for much

4. Ghosting is very much the new norm

  • 17 straight automated “no thank you” emails
  • Around 4 “no thank you” emails from real humans
  • 5 interviews
  • 27 without any sort of response

5. Recruiters on LinkedIn and via email are a mixed bag

6. Networking is great for meeting new people, but not a sure road to work

To sum it all up

Considering a career change? We can’t guarantee a job, but we can help you stand out as a candidate with industry-recognized training and skills development.



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